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Getting Started

Starting the Camera

Screens of the MOBOTIX Camera

The Live Screen

The Player Screen

The MultiView Screen

The Guest Screen

The PDA Screen

Administration Menu

Release Notes


Functional Overview

System Information

Hardware and Release Information

System Messages


Users and Passwords

Group Access Control Lists

Web Server Logfile

Page Administration

Language and Start Page

Configuring the Softbuttons

MultiView Screens

Network Setup

Test Current Network Configuration

Ethernet Interface (for experts)

Web Server (for experts) 

ISDN Data Connections (for experts)

Dial-In Connection
Dial-Out Connections
Dial-Out Parameters

Routing (for experts)

Routing - Example

Dynamic DNS Client (for experts)

Image Storage on the LAN

Event Storage on External File Servers 

File Server Checks

Logos and Image Profiles

Managing Image Files

Logo Profiles

Image Profiles

Transfer Profiles

FTP Profiles

E-Mail Profiles

IP Notify Profiles 

Audio and Phone

Microphone and Speaker

Manage Voice Messages

VoIP Settings for SIP Telephony

Phone Profiles for outgoing SIP/ISDN voice calls

Phone Call-In for incoming SIP/ISDN voice calls

Camera Phone for making direct SIP/ISDN voice calls to other phones

General Administration

Time and Date

LED Setup

Time Tables for Arming and Support

Time Tasks for Image Transfer and Other Jobs

Manage Hardware Expansions 

Serial interface

Serial Interface Setup

Serial Terminal

Signal State


Storing the Current Configuration Into Flash Memory

Resetting the Configuration to Factory Defaults

Restoring the Configuration From Flash

Loading a Configuration File From the Local Computer

Saving the Current Configuration File to a Local Computer

Showing the Current Configuration

Editing the Configuration File (for experts)

Manage other cameras

System Update

Update System Software

Setup Menu

Image Controls

General Image Settings

Exposure Settings

Color Settings

JPEG Quality and Comment Header

Text and Display Settings

Event Control

General Event Settings

Event Settings

Event Selection
Example: Using Event Control

Event Filter

Event Logic




Remote-Controlling the Camera


CGI Parameters of the MOBOTIX Camera

Additional Information

The MxControlCenter

Graphically Entering Image Areas

Using Variables

Placeholders for Dynamic Image Texts

Abbreviations Used in the MOBOTIX Camera

Browser Cache Information

Regular Expressions

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